Who is she?

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Chloe Florence is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Chloe comes by her love of singing and song writing honestly. Many of her paternal family sang, played multiple instruments, belonged to bands, and worked in Vaudeville. Her natural ability to visualize a song both instrumentally and lyrically is something her great-grandmother excelled at. Add in the vagabond spice of a Gypsy great-aunt and it’s easy to understand Chloe’s ability to story tell through music. Chloe began piano and voice lessons at eight years old and quickly knew that music sated her soul. This saw her through some difficult years when her parents separated and then divorced. Music was and continues to be Chloe’s solace and a way to communicate the highs and lows of her life.  Not satisfied with only playing the piano, she recently taught herself to play the guitar and has written a few songs specific to this instrument. Chloe is also a talented artist favoring large canvases and working with acrylics.   The timbre of Chloe’s voice evokes the Jazz and Blues greats of the 40’s, and yet she is able to translate this sound into music that crosses the R&B and Pop genres. Chloe takes inspiration from many greats from the 70’s like Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith to the smooth and original sounds of current artists like Lana Del Rey.  Chloe’s new EP will drop in September 2021 and will reflect her musical evolution. Stay tuned!