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About Me

"I’ve always known that I wanted to be a singer/songwriter. It’s never been a question or an option, it’s who I am. 


My name is Chloe Florence. I’m nineteen, born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I’m a singer/songwriter, visual artist, and model (managed by Humankind). I’m also currently in my last year as a Liberal Arts student at JAC. 


I’ve been singing since I could talk. Writing songs has been and always will be my main mode of self-expression. It’s how i understand myself and navigate the ups and downs of my life. There’s nothing like it. To me, it’s the only thing, other than drawing, that allows me to be 100% honest. I control the narrative and tell the story I want/need to tell. 


My main goal in this whole musical pursuit is to make people feel, in general. If my music can awaken something within the listener, whether it be to face what they’ve been denying, or to cry that much needed cry, or get that boost in confidence, that’s it, that’s what I want. Oh, and making a living through singing would also be nice but hey, once step at a time!"


Currently, Chloe is working on her first alternative pop based EP "Dreamer's Nightmare". It is scheduled to be released later this year, so stay tuned!